Vintage Mafia x Prohibition


Vintage Mafia x Prohibition

Apologies for the late notice of this rather exciting event announcement, but it’s been all systems go at the metaphorical VM Towers. Last weekend we curated the courtyard at the Royal Academy’s Midsummer Night’s Fete and next weekend, we are hosting a secret Ric Rac Club, deep in the bowels of the Bloomsbury Ballroom for Prohibition.

Imagine, as a glamorous 1920s party fills the Art Deco ballroom’s main rooms, that a couple of corridors away, tucked into what used to be an old kitchen, a dark and sleazier affair is unfolding. Guests in the know approach the side entrance, speaking the passwords, ‘I’m a member of the Temperance Society’ and are let down into the Mafia’s secret speakeasy. Guests who find themselves lost in the corridors approach a couple of shifty looking heavies, who will usher them into the underworld…

Dim candlelight, the evidence of hard liquor smuggling everywhere and raucous music from louche gyspy swing pedlars the Ric Rac Rooster Band rings out as a dancing girl peels off her 20s beads to whoops and whistles. Inbetween crackles and pops from our converted radio manned by Auntie Maureen, Freddie Tyson-Brown’s Invisible Jazz Band steps up with banjolele and ghostly mic.  All topped up with exclusive Vintage Mafia cocktails served from all manner of strange containers. Medicinal pippettes and bottles in brown bags… well, we wouldn’t want the authorities to find out we’ve been at the moonshine now, would we?

Want to join us? Ticket are still available from the Prohibition site:

And if you can’t join us this time… we’ll keep you posted on next time! If we don’t get shut down, of course…