Meet the Mafia

On a dark and windy October night, six friends met at a 1920s style speakeasy for a night of glamorous sophistication, dancing and cocktails.

The combination of strong, Prohibition-era drinks and cheap Soave caused something strange to happen, and, at the end of the soiree, the friends kidnapped a poor unsuspecting chap and absconded with him into the East End night. What followed shall always …remain a secret… but it involved singing, vintage wedding dresses and copious gin & tonic in a can. The chap was physically unharmed, but can never listen to a Kate Bush song without experiencing terrifying flashbacks. But that’s what happens if you spend the night with a group of dangerously well-dressed gangster molls with a penchant for strong liquor and decadent fun. He took his chances… and when he finally got home the next morning, there was a fox’s head stole in his bed…

And so the London Vintage Mafia was born. We are now only three but we meet regularly for impeccably-attired, gin-soaked shenanigans, but the Mafia family has extended to include girls from across The Big Smoke and beyond; with honorary members even as far as Europe and across the Atlantic. All who apply to join will undergo a rigorous hazing ceremony, involving extreme hot stick hair torture, and thrashing with an Astrakhan muff… ;)

We have some exciting projects lined up, most of which will involve the whole extended family and all our friends and fans. Here’s to the Vintage Mafia’s Big Heist… glamorous world domination!

Miss Bethan Gwenllian
mistress of risk

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libation organisation

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Miss Jeni Yesterday
bunker spelunker

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